Juneau is one of the ultimate destinations in the world for adventure seeking travelers. Whatever playground you prefer—may that be in the air, in the woods, atop glaciers or along mountain trails—you will find almost all in this part of Alaska.

Juneau Alaska

By: Alan Wu           Juneau Alaska

You will also discover rich natural diversity with plenty of wildlife and spectacular scenery that will keep you more than occupied while you are there. With so many things to offer, even the most discerning traveler will not find idle time when visiting the capital city of Alaska.
A road trip for adventure enthusiasts is always a great idea but, unfortunately, not in Juneau, Alaska. The city is isolated from the rest of America by a rugged mountain range and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The fastest way to get there is by plane from various major cities in your home country. However, many of Juneau’s visitors prefer to get there while taking a cruise during a season that lasts from May to almost October. The ship becomes your hotel as you explore the wonders of this city.
For a preview to the exciting adventure, an air tour is a good idea. It will not only help you get your bearings of the vast territory, but it is also one of the best ways to view the amazing Juneau landscape and its spectacular Icefield. That massive field covers 1500 square miles and feeds 38 large glaciers. The trip will even get more exciting when you land right on top of it! You will earn boasting rights for stepping foot on the gigantic icy block and even brag about getting a free ride right on top. From the tip of the iceberg, you can go on hikes or try your balancing skills on a dog sled tour while you are there.
Juneau Icefield

By: USDA Forest Service Alaska           Helicopter on Icefield Juneau Alaska

Make sure you visit during summer time; otherwise, you may not have the chance to explore the area on foot. Another great vantage point to see Juneau from above is by getting on board the Mt. Roberts Tram that will take you 1,800 ft above sea level and offer you a look at the stunning panorama of the city below.
If the aerial tour is too flat for you, then get your adrenalin pumping with a 30-mile per hour zip-line tour along Juneau’s lush canopy. Once elated, you can then adjust your speed and just glide along to fully enjoy the majestic beauty of nature spread out before you.
Of course, there is no better way to explore the spectacular landscape of Juneau than on your feet. The city has mile after mile of scenic trails. Easy ambles or challenging climbs are available in the more than 250 miles of available trails in the region. The zero-elevation trails are recommended for those who prefer easy walks or those looking for wheel-chair accessible sites.
Whale Watching Juneau Alaska

By: jerseygal           Whale Watching Juneau Alaska

Another exciting activity is to get close to a floating iceberg by kayak. Paddle your way along the icy waters of Mendenhall Lake to get up-close views of the glacier or to simply enjoy the view from right-smack in the middle of it all. If your timing is right, you can even get a front-row seat treat to a stellar performance of the majestic whales visiting the area. If you want an extended kayaking trip, you can do so on a 10-day itinerary along Tatshenshini River. It can get a tad too cramped after a while, but with such breathtaking views surrounding you, you will really not mind.
Yes, a camera is mandatory on a trip to Juneau!