Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect examples of Mother Nature at her finest, creating breathtaking tropical paradises in the Northeast Caribbean. Part of the Leeward Islands collection, they offer unforgettable experiences and the laid back ‘Caribbean’ way of life that has been drawing tourists to the area for centuries.

Antigua – English Harbor

Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect places to take it easy, shop the local markets along with the friendly locals, and sip some fresh pineapple juice or coconut milk in between your Island adventures. Following are some of the top things to see and do in these stunning tropical havens.

Barbuda – Lighthouse Bay

Barbuda is the lesser developed of the two islands and is known for its deserted beaches, abundant wildlife and extraordinary beauty. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary in Barbuda is home to more than 5,000 frigate birds and is a must see on the island.

Frigate Bay Sanctuary – Barbuda

Codrington, Barbuda’s main village is located along a beautiful lagoon and is a lovely place to get the most out of the island experience. Antigua offers the same awe-inspiring surroundings along with an endless variety of tourist activities and fantastic hotels and resorts.

Antigua is home to 365 magnificent white sandy beaches along turquoise blue waters. A few of the best beach locations include those found at Dickenson Bay, Half Moon Bay, Rendezvous Bay and Runaway Bay. You can also find a wealth of secluded beaches via kayak adventures or even driving along the coastline.

Dickenson Bay Antigua

Half Moon Bay Antigua

Rendezvous Bay Antigua

Runaway beach Antigua


The Heritage Quay complex, located in central St. Johns, is brimming with duty free shops with great prices on liquor and jewelry, a supper club, restaurants and even a casino.

Heritage Quay Antigua

Brightly adorned stalls selling local handicrafts and fresh fruit and vegetables can be found in the Public Market, along with a few locally-made crafts. St. John’s is a well known cruise port and a lively, tourist friendly location.

St. John’s Antigua

The Fantastic Variety of Tours

You’ll find a fantastic variety of tours offered in both Antigua and Barbuda including catamaran tours where you can enjoy water activities like swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise blue waters. There are also tours that take you out in kayaks where you’ll love seeing the exceptional variety of wildlife from pelicans resting in the trees to heron and ocean creatures like jelly fish and star fish. Another boat ride will take you to Hell’s Gate and on to Bird Island where by taking a quick hike you’ll arrive at the top of the island for a magnificent view of the surroundings. On Barbuda make time to take part in a Bush safari, stopping for a picnic and watching the colorful Island wildlife in their natural habitat around the shimmering salt ponds.

Hell’s Gate Antigua

Bird Island Antigua

Indian Town/Devils Bridge

You’ll definitely want to explore Antigua’s Indian Town national park with it’s magnificent breakers roaring in from the Atlantic Ocean. Over the centuries these powerful ocean breakers have formed what is called the Devil’s Bridge and blow holes spewing forth the ocean’s foaming surf. Devils Bridge is one of the most beautiful places in Antigua and the sounds of the raging ocean crashing on land are somehow very soothing.

Devils Bridge Antigua

Antigua’s Rainforest

For some really fun outdoor adventures visit Antigua’s rainforest. Test your nerves as you traverse a high wire course of suspension bridges, swings and zip lines, or try your hand at parachute jumping; don’t worry – the experience is controlled and safe.

Antigua Rainforest

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is located in the island’s 1750 Court House and is filled with exhibits that explore Antigua’s culture, political history and geological origins, and is definitely worth checking out.

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

Nightlife in Antigua and Barbuda

The majority of the nightlife experiences are found in St. John’s, nevertheless in most cases the casinos and hotels on the islands provide their own onsite entertainment venues as well. Fun Island entertainment includes the sounds of steel bands and calypso singers and the skills of experienced limbo dancers.

Food and Drink

Antigua’s cuisine specialties include fresh lobster and red snapper and a variety of other fish and you’ll find a vast array of restaurants around the primary tourist areas that offer a wonderful selection of both authentic Caribbean and international food. Some of the most enjoyable treats on the islands are the refreshing drinks including Ting, a sparkling grapefruit drink, Wadadli, a locally brewed beer, and cocktails made with fresh juices including mango, guava, coconut and pineapple.

Antigua Lobster Lunch

Wadadli Beer Antigua and Barbuda