The Hermitage Bay Resort in Antigua is a privately-owned luxury resort that is made-up of 25 cottages. It’s said that this property is a great example of how luxurious living combines with nature to create an intimate property that is a must-see! The best part is that even when the resort is busy, the grounds are still quaint and remote.

The truth is that whether you are seeing it for the first time or back for your third, you’ll enjoy it every time! If you are looking to get away from busy city life, this can be the best getaway because it’s nestled in a gorgeous secluded corner of the beautiful bay.


By: Upsilon Andromedae                    Hermitage Bay Antigua


The Property

The 5-star Hermitage Bay Resort spans over 16-acres and features lands that resemble flourishing tropical gardens. This hotel is Eco-friendly, and although it is a 5-star property, it does not compromise the natural habitat that surrounds it. This resort features a large beach area, facilities that are open-air and separated rooms that enable you to relax in secluded luxury.

Once you arrive at these grounds you will be embraced by the smell of lightly scented flowers and the shade of gigantic mangrove trees. There is a great deal of open space that allows you to get some really great views of the turquoise-colored bay, called Five Island Harbor. You’ll find seven beaches nearby, along with many other activities to fill your days on a very relaxing vacation.


By: Upsilon Andromedae Hermitage Bay Restaurant



By: Upsilon Andromedae                             Hermitage Bay Pool


Room Types

The property features several room types. The first 8 rooms are beachfront cottages that include many amenities such as a spacious lounge that is split level and its own private patio. On the other hand, the more luxurious rooms are hillside pool suites that come with private plunge pools and huge wraparound porches. Hermitage Bay has 17 of these rooms and they are the perfect way to enjoy the Caribbean Sea while getting plenty of sun from your very own sunning deck.



By: Upsilon Andromedae                             Hermitage Bay Villa



By: Upsilon Andromedae                            Hermitage Bay Villa



By: Upsilon Andromedae              Hermitage Bay Antigua Hillside Suite View



By: Upsilon Andromedae                                 Hermitage Bay Villa Tub

So, whether you are looking to enjoy a beachfront dinner, lunch by your own plunge pool, or even breakfast in bed, Hermitage Bay Resort is just what you are looking for!