Paphos is one of the most popular destinations in Cyprus. The city makes for an ideal base. From here you can easily get to a stunning sandy or pebbly beach—if you feel like soaking up the gifts of sun, sand and sea of the Mediterranean.

Paphos Cyprus

By: Alan Samuel           Paphos Cyprus

Or choose to immerse yourself in history with the nearby ancient ruins of Paphos Castle and the Tomb of the Kings. Throw in an abundance of excellent restaurants, charming open-air cafes, world-class hotels, and an exciting nightlife scene and you have the perfect holiday destination.
Holidays spent in Cyprus would not be complete without taking advantage of its stunning beaches. Paphos, in particular, has plenty of options to offer. There are quite a few pebbly beaches located near the hotels along the coastline, but if you love to take long lazy strolls along the shore, the sandy Municipal Beach is a great alternative. Other popular locations include the celebrated and bustling Coral Bay Beach as well as the pebbly Agios Georgos Beach, known for its mouthwatering restaurants and the scenic background views.
The beach of Petra tou Romiou is also worth mentioning for the striking massive boulders jutting out of its waters. The long-standing legend is that the spectacular area is the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. On the other hand, if you are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet at the beach, consider an excursion, via off-road vehicle, to the ruggedly beautiful Lara Bay and the idyllic atmosphere it offers.
Petra tou Romiou Beach Paphos

By: Peter Collins           Petra tou Romiou Beach Paphos

If you need a break from the beaches, go ahead and explore the wide array of historical attractions in Paphos. You can start at the town’s lighthouse, where the 2nd century Acropolis is located nearby. The best time to visit the ruins is during the summer; here catch the captivating performances taking place on the very stage of the restored Roman Odeon. Also, not to be missed are the Mosaics of Paphos. The beloved historic compositions are located in the Archaeological Park near the harbor. The vibrant montage of myths beautifully painted on marble floors make this area a favorite not only for the history buff but also for the lovers of art.
Finally, fans of the morbid may inspect the eerie underground catacombs of Agia Solomoni. You will be greeted by a massive tree adorned with cloth pieces—a.k.a. sacrifices for good health and well being—tied to its branches. What is remarkable about these catacombs is the dramatic combination of frescoes and graffiti on their walls. Amazingly these subterranean structures were literally carved from the inside of Fabrica Hill, as the ruin site is commonly known.
 Tombs of the Kings Paphos

By: Alan Samuel           Tombs of the Kings Paphos

Make sure you are with someone when braving an exploration of the crypts, because the area is really dark and eerie. If you are still up for more, visit the impressive Tombs of the Kings which houses the ornately designed tombs of aristocrats from ancient times. Any architecture enthusiast will surely marvel at the precision of the brilliantly carved-out stone tombs, their stately pillars and painted walls.