The Cayman Islands are full of exotic life. Visitors to the islands will be able to enjoy first-rate beaches, scuba diving, water-sports, tours, shopping, relaxation and nightlife. With all of these things to do, there’s no so such thing as getting bored on these islands.

Cayman Island Sting Ray City

By: Katie Thebeau


Fun on the Beach

In some vacation destinations, there is only 1 beach for visitors to enjoy, and they can become crowded rather quickly. In the Cayman Islands, however, there are several beaches and each offer their own kind of fun. The most popular of them all is Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. There are plenty of diving activities and water-sports that travelers can do on this beach, as well as just soak up some rays. Some of the other beaches on Grand Cayman that are popular include: Cayman Kai, Rum Point and Smith Cove. However, the Sandy Point and Owen Island beaches on Little Cayman are well-known as well, along with the beach on the southwest coast of Cayman Brac.


Under the Sea

Some of the most adventurous activities in the Cayman Islands include diving and snorkeling. These activities can be enjoyed by couples and families alike. The islands are surrounded by warm, clear water with 100 feet of visibility, and they are safe for exploring under the sea without any water current. The first Grand Cayman shop for diving was opened in 1957 by Bob Soto, a pioneer in the scuba world. Now there are over 40 companies offering diving experiences at nearly 360 sites across the islands. Adventurous visitors will be able to experience a diverse marine life no matter their diving skill level.

Cayman Islands Diving

By: SF Brit


On the Sea

Diving under the sea isn’t the only way to enjoy the Caribbean waters surrounding the Cayman Islands. There are plenty of water-sports visitors can participate in: kite boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, para-sailing, paddle boarding, etc. Fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding are great ways to relax, while kite boarding, jet skiing and para-sailing are for the more adventurous types. However, these are only a few of the water-sports available to visitors as there are so many things that they can do on the water around the islands.

Cayman Island Water Sports

By: Champions Club

Discover the Islands

While there is so much to do in and on the water, visitors to the Cayman Islands shouldn’t forget about discovering the islands themselves. Taking a tour is one of the best ways they can experience the islands’ nature and historic sites. Tours allow visitors to go wall diving, ride horses in the sand, experience sea turtles up close, and more. Visitors can also enjoy hiking the Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman or go to the Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary for some bird watching. Parks and museums offer more nature and historic experiences. These activities will leave visitors exhilarated and wanting to return for more.

Cayman Island Turtle Farm

By: Danya

Indulge and Pamper

Relaxing on the beach and sunbathing are very relaxing, but nothing can soothe the body and soul like a day at the spa. Visitors will be able to treat themselves to one of the many gyms, fitness centers, salons and spas available in the Cayman Islands. These are great options for travelers who have spent time diving, participating in water-sports, hiking and doing other more adventurous activities. Couples can also book a facial treatment or massage at one of the islands’ luxury spas to turn a simple vacation into something more special. Exercise junkies are able to continue their workout routines in the wellness and fitness centers as well.

Shops All Around

During a vacation in the Cayman Islands, visitors don’t have to travel too far when they want to shop. On Grand Cayman Island alone, there are shops in town and many small malls that feature gift stores, restaurants and liquor stores. Since the Caribbean is a duty-free destination, travelers can save on perfume, jewelry, watches, china and crystal products. For example, luxury items like watches and perfume can be 30% less expensive. Visitors can look through various fashions in specialty shops, shopping plazas and hotel boutiques. Art and craft galleries have also opened on the islands due to a growing interest in collectables and local art.

Dance the Night Away

When the sky turns dark and the stars begin to glisten, the Cayman Islands start celebrating life. There are several bars and nightclubs across the islands that offer calypso, reggae, folk, jazz, rock and roll and other music for visitors to listen and dance to while they mingle with locals and sip cocktails. Some people literally dance the night away and don’t return to their hotels or homes until the early morning. However, nightlife in the Cayman Islands isn’t all about partying. People can also enjoy dinner in open-air restaurants and then take a quiet stroll on the beach as the moon and stars dance on the Caribbean waves.

Grand Cayman Sunset

By: SF Brit

The Cayman Islands are clearly among the best destinations in the world for a vacation. It doesn’t matter if a visitor wants to simply sunbathe, take an adventure under the sea, participate in water-sports, go bird watching, enjoy some shopping, relax in a spa or dance all night. There is something for everyone to do on the islands.