Best Cruises

With so many cruise vacation options out there, it’s hard to know which cruise might be the best choice for you. An unbelievable cruise vacation can either be a dream come true or a total nightmare if it’s not what you’re looking for. With our years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise that enable us to find the perfect cruise for you.

The Top 5 Cruise Vacation Destinations

1. Alaska Cruises

While Alaska may not be the destination you think of when you think of a cruise, there are reasons why many travelers flock there each year. Alaska cruises are some of the most beautiful trips for sightseeing, as well as for viewing wildlife. Traveling through the North Pacific Ocean and into the Gulf of Alaska, you are sure to see whales, seals, and probably dolphins. Once in Alaska, you can sight see in beautiful Juneau, or even take a tour of an active glacier.

2. Caribbean Cruises

If you crave warmer weather than Alaska, then you may be interested instead in a Caribbean cruise. The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination, boasting with countries that are synonymous with “vacation”, like the Bahamas and Jamaica. A Caribbean cruise will truly give you the opportunity to have that dream vacation where you relax on the beach with crystal clear waters lapping at your feet.

3. Mediterranean Cruises

A Mediterranean cruise offers you a unique opportunity to take in some of the greatest treasures of the old world civilization, all in the span of a week. Your stops could include Italy, where you could view the masterpieces of Michelangelo, or France to visit the Eiffel Tower. You could cruise the canals of Venice, or travel to Greece to see the origins of eastern architecture and thought. Turkey boasts many of the most ancient historical sites one can still visit today, and Barcelona offers an atmosphere that can’t be offered by any other city. For someone who loves to sight-see, a Mediterranean cruise has to be one of the best cruises you could take.

4. Transatlantic Cruises

And then there is the option for those who can’t decide between the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. On a transatlantic cruise, you can experience both. Some transatlantic itineraries would have you stopping off in the Bahamas after your departure. After spending some time on the white sand beaches of this resort island, you would then depart for a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey takes several days, but then you’ll find yourself in a position to experience some of the sights of Europe as mentioned above. Transatlantic cruises, however, are usually one-way cruises, so you’ll have to arrange your own travel back to the States.

5. South America Cruises

South America offers some of the more exotic travel destinations in the world. A cruise to South America offers some of the benefits of a Caribbean cruise, but also with the opportunity to experience culturally-rich South American countries like Brazil. The capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere. It offers the hustle and bustle of city life, along with pristine beaches. South American cruises may also include stops in popular destinations like Buenos Aires, trips to the Amazon Rainforest, or an exploration of the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Categorizing the Best Cruises out there

  1. Mass Market – Think something for everyone. Very family friendly and great for first time cruisers.
  2. Premium Cruises – Flourishes of luxury. For those seeking a calm and relaxing experience.
  3. Italian Style – Romantic Italian inspiration and hospitality meets the high seas.
  4. Yacht Style – Good things come in small packages. An intimate boutique mega yacht experience.
  5. Luxury Cruises – Style, sophistication, fine dining and now an all inclusive experience.
  6. River Cruises – Explore Europe, the Americas and even China in a relaxing intimate environment.

Popular Cruise Lines Offering Some of the Best Cruises


Carnival Cruises

Known as the “Fun Ships”, Carnival hosts many fun activities for all ages. Ship decor is Vegas style decor and staterooms are amoung the largest in the industry.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Featuring a classic elegant nautical design, the fleet is well know for its many family friendly activities. Rock climbing walls, minature golfing, surfing, basketball courts, and ice skating rinks are a few of the sport activities. Voyager, Freedom, and Oasis class ships feature an expansive multistory Promenade street boulevard with shops and cafes great for people watching.

Celebrity Cruises

With understated elegance, fine dining and exquisite spa services, Celebrity provides a relaxed environment with luxurious amenities. Celebrity’s service is consistently top-rated by such experts as Condé Nast Traveler.

Norwegian Cruises

NCL’s Freestyle Cruising is about freedom and flexibility.
No rules. No regulations. Dine where you want, when you want, with whom you want, at up to 14 different restaurants on board.
Freestyle – the freedom for you to do “whatever.”

Preparing – Your Best Cruises Await

A cruise is an entertaining and thrilling way of capturing a fresh view of the world. Experience beautiful sights, sounds, and world cultures. But planning an absolutely dream cruise can be rather complicated particularly for 1st time cruisers. To spare you from the many hassles and pitfalls, here are a few of matters to consider when researching the best cruises for you:

1. Cruise Date and Duration

Your cruise departure date should be set as soon as possible to take advantage of early booking discounts, options and amenities. How long should your cruise be? The customary holiday cruise ranges from seven days to over a month. Ask yourself – How much do I want to see and do? Also consider the amount of time and financial resources available to you.

2. Number of Cruisers and Their Expectations

Will you be traveling with family members or friends? Think about your cruise group’s preferences whether that might be group dining arrangements, group excursions , group photos or other special arrangements. Remember the bigger your group is, the more you’ll want to plan for. The smallest details can guarantee a winning cruise.

3. Select the Right Cruise Line for You!

First find a cruise line that sails to your destination of choice. Whittle down your choices by considering your preferred vacation experience.  Are you looking for a cruise with lots of fun activities? Plenty of family friendly options? Or maybe a quiet luxurious escape? Your final choice will affect your available amenities, activities and of course budget. Several available cruise lines are outlined above.

4. Cruise Ship Size

In essence, two class of ships are utilized for cruising the high seas. The small ship experience and the big ship experience. A big ship is usually perfect for first time cruisers since it furnishes just about all things cruisers demand. However, nowadays, increasingly experienced cruise veterans favor small ships for their expanded exotic destination offerings and intimate experience.

Your Friendly Travel Professionals can assist you in choosing the best cruises, your perfect dream cruise vacation.